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The world’s first fully integrated Xe plasma source focused ion beam (FIB) with scanning electron microscopy (SEM) enables extremely high ion currents up to 2 μA which results in increased milling speeds that can be up to 50 times faster compared to conventional Ga source FIBs.



FERA3 brochure

The world’s first fully integrated Xe plasma FIB-SEM. Download FERA3 brochure!

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  • The unique Wide Field Optics™ design with a proprietary Intermediate Lens (IML) offers a variety of working and display modes with enhanced field of view or depth of focus
  • Real time In-Flight Beam Tracing™ for performance and beam optimization. Also includes direct and continual control of beam parameters.
  • Fully automated electron optics set-up and alignment
  • Rapid imaging with rates up to 20 ns


Electron GunHigh Brightness Schottky Emitter
SE1.2nm at 30keV / 1nm at 30keV (Optional In-Beam detector)
1.5nm at 3keV (Optional Beam Deceleration Mode)
BSE2.0nm at 30keV
Magnification2x - 1,000,000x (LM),
1x - 1,000,000x (XM/GM)
Accelerating Voltage200eV to 30keV / 50eV to 30kV with BDM option
Probe Current1pA to 200nA (Optional 1pA to 400nA)
Stage5-axis fully Compucentric stage

Extremely powerful Xe plasma FIB column

ECR-generated Xe plasma ion source FIB column for achieving the most challenging large-scale milling tasks in unbeatable short times frames

  • 50x faster than Ga LMIS FIBs.
  • Ion beam range current of 1 pA to 2 µA and resolution of < 25 nm
  • Newly developed high resolution Xe plasma FIB column (Optional) achieving resolution of < 15 nm for extended patterning capabilities
  • Large-mass xenon ions with larger FIB current range for ultra-fast sputtering even with­out gas-assisted enhancement
  • Significant reduction in ion implantation compared to Ga LMIS FIBs
  • Rocking Stage - An effective and optimised polishing strategy against curtaining effect

Ion Optics

Ion columnHR i-FIBi-FIB
Ion GunXe plasma ion source
Accelerating voltage3kV to 30kV
Probe current1 pA to 1 µA1 pA to 2 µA
Resolution (at 30 keV)< 15 nm< 25 nm
MagnificationMinimum 150 × at coincidence point and 10 kV (corresponding to 1 mm field of view), maximum 1,000,000 ×
SEM-FIB coincidence atWD 9 mm (FERA3) / WD 5 mm (XEIA3) for SEM – WD 12 mm for FIB
SEM-FIB angle55°


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