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The TESCAN AMBER, fitted with a new SEM column, provides the benefit of versatility packaged with field-free ultra-high resolution imaging. 

The TESCAN AMBER features the Orage™ FIB column, the next generation of Ga source FIB column with cutting-edge ion optics that delivers ultra-fine resolution throughout the entire range of beam energies along with excellent low-energy beam performance.



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Focused ion beam scanning electron microscope for high-performance in nanoengineering. Download AMN brochure!

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Universality in sample imaging with field-free ultra-high resolution Optics

  • - The BrightBeam™ SEM column delivers field-free ultra-high resolution imaging (0.9 nm at 15 keV, 1.3 nm at 1 keV) while maintaining universality in sample imaging and analysis.
  • - Excellent imaging performance at low-beam energies ideal for imaging non-conducting samples and uncoated biological specimens. A low vacuum mode is also available.
    - High electron beam currents up to 400 nA are advantageous for microanalytical techniques such as CL, EDX, WDX and EBSD.
  • - Detection system with angle-selective and energy-filtering capabilities give complete control of surface sensitivity and the option to explore with different contrast.


Electron Optics
Electron GunHigh Brightness Schottky Emitter

0.9 nm at 15 keV
1.5nm at 1 keV 

Beam Deceleration mode

1.3 nm at 1 keV


2x - 1,000,000x

Accelerating Voltage

50 eV to 30 keV

Probe Current

2 pA to 400nA 


High Performance Ion Optics

  • - Novel Orage™ FIB column featuring cutting-edge ion optics achieves ultra-high resolution over the entire beam energy range and excellent performance at low energies for preparing damage-free, ultra-thin TEM specimens.
  • - Ion beam currents up to 100 nA cut completion time in half for cross-sectioning and lamella lift-out processes.
  • - Dedicated software enables easy and quick three-dimensional sample reconstructions that provide unique ultra-structural sample information.

Ion Optics

Ion Gun


Ion Column

2.5 nm at 30 keV

Probe current

1pA to 100nA

Accelerating Voltage0.5kV to 30kV
SEM-FIB angle55°


Semiconductors & Microelectronics

Semiconductors & Microelectronics

Material Science

Material Sciences

Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Earth Sciences

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