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Newly designed electron column for superb Ultra-High Resolution.
The MAGNA is an ultra-high resolution SEM with excellent imaging capabilities in the whole range of beam energies.



MAGNA brochure

MAGNA - Newly designed ultra-high resolution electron column for superb imaging. Download the brochure!

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Triglav™ - newly designed UHR electron column

  • - Unique in-beam detection design: TriBE™ and TriSE™ for advanced sample nanocharacterization
  • - Advanced detection system with multiple SE and BSE detectors TriSE™ and TriBE™
  • - Triglav™ - Ultimate ultra-high resolution at low beam energy: 0.9 nm at 1 keV and 0.6 nm at 15 keV
  • - Electron beam currents up to 400 nA and rapid beam energy changes
  • - Triple BSE detection TriBE™ for angle-selective signal collection. The Mid-Angle BSE and In-Beam LE-BSE detectors are located inside the column and detect medium-angle and axial backscattered electrons, while the In-Chamber BSE Detector detects wide-angle electrons. Together, they deliver a variety of imaging contrasts and enable low-energy detection down to 200 eV.
  • - Triple SE detection TriSE™ to capture SE signal optimally in all working modes. The In-Beam SE detector inside the column enables detection of electrons at very short working distances. SE detector for beam deceleration mode gives ultimate resolution in BDM. The In-Chamber SE detector delivers superb topographic contrast.
  • - Beam Deceleration Technology (BDT) for excellent resolution at very low beam energies down to 200 eV (optional)
  • - Intuitive Essence™ modular software platform designed for effortless operation regardless user’s experience level


Electron Optics
Electron GunHigh brightness Schottky emitter

Standard mode In-Beam SE


0.6 nm at 15 keV
1.2 nm at 1 keV

0.5 nm at 30 keV

Beam Deceleration Mode

0.9 nm at 1 keV - SE (BDM)

Magnification at 30keV

4 x - 2,000,000 x

Probe Current2 pA to 400 nA


Semiconductors & Microelectronics

Semiconductors & Microelectronics

Material Science

Material Sciences

Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Earth Sciences

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