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VEGA3 - 3rd Generation of VEGA SEMs

VEGA3 is a thermionic emission SEM system that comes either with tungsten heated filament or lanthanum hexaboride (LaB6) as electron source.

VEGA3 - 3rd Generation of VEGA SEMs


3rd Generation of VEGA SEMs brochure

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  • Unique four-lens Wide Field Optics™ design offering the variety of working and displaying modes embodying the TESCAN proprietary Intermediate Lens (IML) for the beam aperture optimisation.
  • The proprietary Intermediate Lens (IML) that works as an „Aperture Changer“ makes the exchange of the effective final aperture in an electromagnetic way
  • Real time In-Flight Beam Tracing™ for the performance and beam optimisation integrating the well-established software Electron Optical Design
  • The column construction, without any mechanical centring elements, allows fully automated column set-up and alignment
  • Superior specimen handling using a fully motorized compucentric stage
  • VEGA3 microscopes can be configured in 4 different chamber sizes: SB, LM, XM, and GM. These chambers are fitted with a variety of ports and designed with optimal geometry for EDX, WDX and EBSD analysis.


Electron GunTungsten heated cathode / optionally LaB6
SE3nm at 30keV / 2nm at 30keV
BSE3.5nm at 30keV / 2.5nm at 30keV
Magnification3x - 1,000,000x (SB), 2x - 1,000,000x (LM),
1x - 1,000,000x (XM/GM)
Accelerating Voltage200eV to 30keV
Probe Current1pA to 2μA
Image size16,384 x 16,384 pixels


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