Extraordinary Ultra-High Resolution imaging and extremely powerful Xe plasma ion source FIB column



XEIA3 brochure

Extraordinary ultra-high resolution imaging and extremely fast micromachining. Download XEIA3 brochure!

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Triglav™ - newly designed UHR electron column

  • TriLens™ - objective system: unique combination of three-lens objective and crossover-free beam path
  • Advanced detection system with multiple SE and BSE detectors - TriSE™ and TriBE™
  • Triglav™ - Ultimate ultra-high resolution at low beam energy: 1 nm at 1 keV and 0.7 nm at 15 keV
  • Electron beam currents up to 400 nA and rapid beam energy changes
  • Optimised column geometry for accommodating large wafers up to 8” and 12”


Electron Optics
Electron Gun High brightness Schottky emitter
Standard mode In-Beam SE 0.7nmat15keV
Beam Deceleration Mode
1.0nm at 1 keV - SE (BDM)
Magnification at 30keV 4 x - 1,000,000 x
Probe Current 2 pA to 400 nA

Extremely powerful Xe plasma FIB column

Xe plasma ion source FIB column for achieving the most challenging large-scale milling tasks in unbeatable short times frames

  • 50x faster than Ga LMIS FIBs.
  • Ion beam range current of 1 pA to 2 µA and resolution of < 25 nm
  • Newly developed high resolution Xe plasma FIB column (Optional) achieving resolution of < 15 nm for extended patterning capabilities
  • Large-mass xenon ions with larger FIB current range for ultra-fast sputtering even with­out gas-assisted enhancement
  • Significant reduction in ion implantation compared to Ga LMIS FIBs
  • Rocking Stage - An effective and optimised polishing strategy against curtaining effect

Ion Optics

Ion column HR i-FIB i-FIB
Ion Gun Xe plasma ion source
Accelerating voltage 3kV to 30kV
Probe current 1 pA to 1 µA 1 pA to 2 µA
Resolution (at 30 keV) < 15 nm < 25 nm
Magnification Minimum 150 × at coincidence point and 10 kV (corresponding to 1 mm field of view), maximum 1,000,000 ×
SEM-FIB coincidence at WD 9 mm (FERA3) / WD 5 mm (XEIA3) for SEM – WD 12 mm for FIB
SEM-FIB angle 55°


Semiconductors & Microelectronics

Semiconductors & Microelectronics

Material Science

Material Sciences

Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Earth Sciences

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